What is the free AMAS testing kit?

The AMAS test kit contains special tubes for collecting blood for the AMAS test, instructions for handling of the serum and its shipping, a requisition form and literature regarding the AMAS test. The test kit is sent free of charge.

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What is the price of the AMAS test?

The price of the AMAS test can vary depending on what services are included. The test can be as little as $249.00 USD without shipping, a draw fee, or doctor's visit. To get an exact price please speak to your healthcare professional.

What forms of payment does Oncolab accept for the AMAS test?

Oncolab accepts checks, money orders, and credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover).

Does Oncolab accept any forms of insurance or Medicare?

Oncolab does not accept any private insurance other than Medicare. Patients with Medicare should include a copy of their primary Medicare card and be sure to include the physician's NPI number on the Requisition Form. Individual patients must check with their insurance company to determine if it reimburses for the AMAS test. It may help to tell the insurance company that Medicare pays Oncolab for the test. Receipts can be requested with the necessary ICD-10 and CPT codes.

I am having trouble shipping the sample, how is the AMAS test serum sample shipped to Oncolab?

The AMAS requisition form lists the instructions on how to prepare and ship the serum sample to Oncolab. Some patients and labs have problems shipping samples for one of multiple reasons. We have worked with FedEX and UPS to find the best way to ship samples.

Place three pounds of dry ice and the sample (serum in plastic Greiner tube and Greiner tube inside the supplied plastic bag) into the styrofoam box. Place the styrofoam box into the cardboard box and place paperwork on top, tape the cardboard shipping container closed. Place the supplied UN 1845 (Dry Ice) and the UN 3373 (Biological Substance) labels on the outside of the cardboard shipping box. Ship the package with either FedEx Priority Overnight or UPS Next Day Air (10:30am next day delivery).

A FedEx clinical pack is not needed. See Pointers on Shipping Clinical Samples which documents how to send a clinical sample. If needed, a dry ice label can be found here.

The patient is responsible for the shipping charges.

Can regular ice or an ice/cold pack be used to ship the AMAS test serum sample?

No. Only dry ice will keep the serum at a low enough temperature.

Is fasting required for the AMAS test?

No special preparation by patient, such as fasting, is required.

Where can dry ice be found?

Large labs that are used to shipping serum specimens to other laboratories carry their own dry ice. Local supermarkets and ice suppliers normally have dry ice as well. You may also try online at www.dryicedirectory.com.

What is the turn-around time for the results on the AMAS test?

Results are sent out within five business days after Oncolab receive the serum sample. The results are sent directly to the doctor.

If I have not received the result for my AMAS test, what should I do?

Call your doctor. If your doctor does not have the results please call Oncolab at (800) 922-8378.

How do I find a lab or doctor in my area who is familiar with the test?

Oncolab now has expanded nationwide directories of physicians who are familiar with the test, and laboratories with experience drawing and shipping samples for the test. For assistance locating a physician or lab in your area, please call us at 617-536-0850 or do a search here.

What do the F-tag S-tag and Net-tag numbers represent?

An explanation of these number can be found on page 72 and 73 of Early detection and monitoring of cancer with the Anti-Malignin Antibody Test, a paper published in the 1994 edition of Cancer Detection and Prevention.

What are the insurance billing codes for the AMAS Test?

CPT code is 86317 @ 4 units and Diagnosis (ICD-10) Code is C80.1

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